JEE90 is a program under aegis “Wisdom Institute of Special studies”

I will tell you about JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies”?, it is one of the special studies program for those students who are preparing for JEE (Main+Advanced) Entrance examination and are focused to clear it with their hard work and determination. This special program will prepare students to clear the JEE (Main+Advanced) Examination easily and get selected in IIT and NIT to become an Engineer.

Now the question arises that many such institutes are there in the market which help students in preparation of JEE (Main+Advanced) examination, what is the difference or what is new in JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies” that differentiates from others? Why should you talk or know about JEE 90 program – Wisdom Institute of Special studies”? What are the benefits or advantages of JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies”?

JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies” is important and unique, because we assure you GUARANTEED selection in a Government Medical College as well in IIT and NIT, which no other institute or coaching class gives. This is what makes us different from others. We ensure and assure your selection, because we believe in you and our expertise to coach you at JEE 90 program “Wisdom Institute of Special studies”. However, nothing is 100% certain, thus what will happen in case you did not get selected? You may be thinking this and we are again different in our answer to this as well. We are different and unique because we only charge fee once you get selected and never before, means academic fee will be charged after selection (IIT/NIT) only, which is again first time introduced by any coaching institute. This is because of our confidence in you and trust in quality of our teaching and mentoring. This is a first ever introduced concept in India and none has approached for this strategy ever before.

But we at JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies” believe that education is not a commercial venture, it is a right of every engineering aspirant who has potential and skills to become a reputed Engineer.

This has been implemented on the basis of our thorough research and analysis that is done by our expert team. There are two major aspects in preparation of JEE entrance examination, i.e. self-studies (off classroom studies) and quality of teaching (in classroom studies). Role of teacher’s teaching plays only 30% roles in making you crack examination. Majority i.e. 70% is the self-studies management that makes you successful. Most of the coaching institutes focus mainly on Teacher’s teaching part (class room studies) and no one ever thought about how to train students on self-studies management (off the classroom studies).

This is where JEE 90 program of “Wisdom Institute of Special studies” focuses upon and makes you different and successful. That is why even from the same institute, taught by the same teacher, only few students get selected and few are get rejected, but why? Analyzing this aspect, we have found that if students are properly trained on self-studies techniques and kept with discipline in their approach towards principle, they will become self-reliant (Aatmnirbhar!) and they will be able to prepare for any examination in life. This is how we have designed our special studies JEE 90 program.