Residential Program & Fees Structure

We at Residential Program “NEET 90 / JEE 90 – Wisdom Institute of Special studies” believe that education is not a commercial venture, it is a right of every engineering and medical aspirant who has potential and skills to become a doctor or reputed Engineer.
This has been implemented on the basis of our thorough research and analysis that is done by our expert team. There are two major aspects in preparation of NEET entrance examination, i.e. self-studies (off classroom studies) and quality of teaching (in classroom studies). Role of teacher’s teaching plays only 30% roles in making you crack examination. Majority i.e. 70% is the self-studies management that makes you successful. Most of the coaching institutes focus mainly on Teacher’s teaching part (class room studies) and no one ever thought about how to train students on self-studies management (off the classroom studies).

This is where “NEET 90 / JEE 90 – Wisdom Institute of Special studies” focuses upon and makes you different and successful. That is why even from the same institute, taught by the same teacher, only few students get selected and few are get rejected, but why? Analyzing this aspect, we have found that if students are properly trained on self-studies techniques and kept with discipline in their approach towards principle, they will become self-reliant (Aatmnirbhar!) and they will be able to prepare for any examination in life. This is how we have designed our special studies program. The same program is being executed in our Residential Program.

Fees Structure WISS Residential Regular Course Program

Get the right support to crack the NEET through the best faculties of INDIA.
Get the right support to crack the NEET through the best faculties of INDIA.
Practice sheet, regular test and NEET Very similar mock test will make you available.
Special Doubt Session for all subjects. Apart from live classes you can upload picture of your doubt and get instant handwritten solution.

Confirm your time table with your counsellor.
No guarantee as classes in Residential program.
Teaching Language bilingual (Hindi / English)
(Refundable only in the condition when student completes the course.)
(If student joins our residential studies program, 100 percent paid amount for LIVE online classes will be adjusted.)

Fees Structure WISS Crash Course Program

FEES STRUCTURE                                  NEET 90 / JEE 90 WISS             Residential Crash Course 2021            





Academic (Tuition) Fees

One time

·        NEET 90 Program: To be paid after the successful selection inMBBS course at anyGovernment Medical College only, anywhere in India.

·        JEE 90 Program: To be paid after the successful selection inB.E./ course inany IIT / NIT only, anywhere in India.

·        As per Academic Fee Agreement.


Hostel- Mess Charges (Monthly)


(Excluding Electricity Bill)


·        Payable in advance mandatory to submit before 5th day of the month otherwise Fine@ Rs.100 per day up to the 15th day of the month.

·        If fee is not paid by 15thday of the month Student will be suspended from the institute.


Psychometric Intelligence & Subject Test

·        An entrance test for Admission.


Registration Charges (one time)

·        Non refundable in any circumstances.


DPS, Regular Tests etc. (one time)


·        Non refundable in any circumstances.


Security Money

·        Refundable in the condition either student completes the course or leaves the institute within 15 days of admission; if student leaves the institute amid the course(after 15 days) security fee will be forfeited.