About Us

Dear Students/Parents,

Heartiest Greetings! I am Sheel Shukla from Wisdom Institute of Special Studies

Famous words of Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says, “Dreams are not those which comes when you sleep” Dreams are those which does not let you sleep”.

Do you also have a dream that doesn’t let you sleep?

So, you have time and you can think of any dream and bring it to reality anytime. Let’s start working on your dream from now, right now and immediately

What do you want to become? A doctor ? An Engineer?

Then “Wisdom Institute of Special Studies is with you in all your planning, guidance and thorough preparation. We convert you into a soldier who is ready to fight and crack this reputed NEET and JEE (Main+Advanced) entrance exam

Every profession has scope, abundance and need in the society however, a doctor and an IITian is always in great demand for the society, country and for the entire world. As per WHO data also, our country is currently lacking even minimum number of doctors that we need country to deliver bare minimum healthcare services to our people. Approximately 18 lakh doctors are required at present to reach that target. In such a need along with situations like current pandemic, becoming a doctor is not only required but lucrative to serve the country in a best possible manner.

A reputation of a doctor is somewhere equivalent to the God as people respect them next to God only, whenever health is compromised.

Students coming out of the IITs and NITs are known to have acquired professional excellence in life. IITians & NITs are always in top demand getting employment in any reputed organizations in the world,

IITs and NITs have a very good reputation all over the world.

As the Wisdom Institute of Special Studies (WISS), the Institute has the responsibility of providing high quality education in Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology to produce competent Doctors and Engineers by cracking the Exams NEET and JEE (Main+Advanced)

If we talk about income and earnings of a medical professional and Engineers from IIT / NIT, that too is incomparable and sky is the limit once you become competent.

Sheel Shukla
(Director )