Guidelines for Hostel Residents



1.1 Wisdom Institute of Special Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is a fully residential Institute. Hence, all registered students are required to stay.

1.2 only the students having CORONA Negative certificate will be entitle to enter in the hostel premises. This area will be completely isolated. No person without CORONA Negative certificate will be allowed to come in the range. In special case it is mandatory to follow seven days quarantine policy.

 1.3 Center Superintendent of the Institute (hereinafter referred to as Superintendent) shall appoint one of the Institute member as Warden of the Hostel, who shall be the authority of the Hostel responsible for managing and conducting the affairs of the Hostel.


    2.1 Hostel accommodation shall be available to all registered students of the Institute.

    2.2 Boys and Girls Hostel Blocks will be completely separate.

    2.3 Either two or three students will be accommodated in a room as per the area and capacity likely it can be the number of two or three students.

    2.4 If any student wants the same room in single occupancy, Hostel charges will be different.

    2.5 All rooms are having attached Toilet and Bathroom

    2.6 NEET 90 / JEE 90 WISS students shall occupy a seat/room only during the complete NEET / JEE Exam academic session (Current Year).

    2.7 Application for admission to the Hostel must be made in the prescribed form, which is available in the Center Superintendent office. Accommodation would be provided only after paying the requisite fees and rents as decided by Warden (Hostel Management) through Center Superintendent.

    2.8 At the time of admission every student has to submit a written undertaking in the prescribed form, countersigned by his/her parent/guardian, to the extent that he/she would abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel.

    2.9 No married accommodation shall be provided to any student in the Hostel.


      3.1 At the time of admission of a student into the Hostel, each resident is required to submit a duly filled in prescribed Personal Data Form, containing the current address, mobile and/or the telephone number and the e-mail, address of the parents/guardian. Any change in this information at any point of time has to be intimated to the Warden in writing.

       3.2 The Hostel Management will generally provide a minimum set of FF&E (Furniture Fixture and Equipments) fittings in each room, consisting details in “Annexure WISS-HM-1”

       3.3 Allotment of rooms shall be the sole discretion of the Center Superintendent, which may allot the rooms either on first-come-first-served or any other basis, depending upon the situation, prevailing factors and objectives e.g. fostering cross-cultural relationships.

      3.4 Students must occupy the respective room allotted to them. Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic session will not be changed except under special situations. Under no circumstances the inmates should exchange seats/rooms without the knowledge of the Warden.

      3.5 Under the Special Situation, After a month of commencing the classes and hostels,  one chance will be given to hostel residents to exchange the rooms on the basis of mutual consents.

      3.6 Inmates shall respect the equal rights of their roommates.

      3.7 In exigencies the Center Superintendent / warden, without assigning any reason, may shift inmates from one room to another.

      3.8 The students are entitled for accommodation in the Hostel as long as they are full time registered students. Accommodation will not be provided to any student whose registration is cancelled. Any student, whose name has been removed from the Rolls of the Institute, will automatically cease to be an inmate of the Hostel. Such students shall immediately leave the Hostel.

      3.9 Before vacating the rooms, the students have to fill up the prescribed ‘Permanent Relieving Form’  in triplicate and submit these to the Center Superintendent. The FF&E (as per annexure WISS-HM-1)  that were provided in the room, all have to be handed over in proper condition to the Hostel Management at the time of vacating the room. If any damage in any item is found to have occurred, compensation as assessed by the Hostel Management shall be recovered from the boarder concerned as per Clause 9.11 detailed hereunder.


        4.1 If the father/mother/guardian of a boarder needs accommodation as the guest, they have to pay Rupees 500 for per room per day. Guest accommodation will be provided subject to the availability of Guest Rooms in the Hostel.

        4.2 Center Superintendent without assigning any reason can ask to  Guests for vacating  the Guest Accommodation.

        4.3 For complementary stay of one day  at the time of first day of new admission is available only on the written permission by center superintendent.

        4.4 Entertaining unauthorized guests will lead to severe punishment, which may include a monetary fine and expulsion from the Hostel.

        4.5 Hostel rules and regulations will equally apply to the guests also. No guest is permitted to stay in a boarder’s room overnight. If it is established that a visitor has stayed overnight in a boarder’s room, severe punishment will be imposed on the boarder which may include a monetary fine and expulsion from the Hostel.

          1. VISITORS

          5.1 Any visitor is allowed enter into the Hostel up to the visitors’ room only. All visitors to the Hostel including the parents/guardians will have to make necessary entries in the Visitors’ Book available at the Hostel entrance with the warden or security guard.

              1. USE OF APPLIANCES

               6.1(A) The use of electrical / electro-mechanical equipments, gadgets, appliances, such as electric stove/heaters/iron/refrigerator/infrared cooker etc, is strictly prohibited by the boarders in or outside the rooms. Private cooking in the rooms or anywhere in the Hostel is strictly forbidden. Any such appliance found in a Hostel room will be confiscated and shall attract both monetary fine and disciplinary action by the Hostel Management.

              6.1(B) if any boarder want to use other than one light and one fan in the room they have to give an application to center superintendent for extra payment in head of electricity bill, which will decided by a sub meter. Cost of sub meter will be paid by boarder student.

              6.2 The use of any systems (audio / video) which may cause inconvenience to the roommates or other inmates is not allowed.  

              6.3 When the boarders go out of their rooms they should switch off all the electrical/electronic appliances, and lock the doors (at all times). Violation of this rule will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by the Hostel Management.

            1. 7 MESS:

              7.1 The Hostels are meant for boarding and lodging including  mess. No one is permitted to use the Hostel for boarding or lodging only.

              7.2 Once a student is admitted to a Hostel he/she is deemed to have become a member of the Hostel Mess until he/she officially vacates the Hostel.

              7.3  The function of the Mess shall be supervised and carried out by the Warden.

              7.4 The mess menu will be prepared and supervised by the warden and the menu will be displayed on the Notice Board. Changes in the menu, if necessary, can be made by the warden.

              7.5 Discipline should be strictly maintained in the dining hall.

              7.6 Food will not be served in rooms and the inmates are not supposed to take food from the dining hall to their rooms. If an inmate is ill, the Hostel Management / warden will make suitable arrangements for his/her food.

              7.7 Wasting food is a social crime. For the first offence of wasting food by a boarder, warning will be issued to him/her. If the concerned boarder is found repeating the mistake, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her.


              8.1 It is the responsibility of the warden / hostel Management to look after and take care of the general maintenance and cleanliness of the Hostel premises including the building, courtyards and the toilets. All residents shall whole-heartedly cooperate in these endeavors.

            1. CODE OF CONDUCT

               9.1 All residents are required to maintain standards of behavior expected of students of an Institute of National Importance. They are expected to behave courteously and fairly with everyone inside and outside the Hostels and campuses.

              9.2 Silence must be observed in the Hostel premises. All unnecessary noises must be avoided.

              9.3 Modesty in dress is expected from students.

              9.4 All residents are required to produce, whenever asked, their valid identity cards issued to them by the Institute.

              9.5 The rooms, common areas and surroundings of the Hostel should be kept clean and hygienic.

              9.6 Notices must not be pasted on walls. Walls must not be scribbled on.

              9.7 A room is allotted to a student on his/her personal responsibility. He/she must take care of the cleanliness and maintenance of his/her room.

              9.8 Residents must also take care of the Hostel and its environment.

              9.9 If any maintenance work (Civil, Carpentry, Electrical, and Sanitation) is required to be carried out in the rooms, corridors, toilets or any other place in the Hostel premises, boarders should bring it to the notice of the Warden.

               9.10 Boarders must cooperate in carrying out maintenance work and vacate their rooms completely when the Hostel Administration requires the rooms for this purpose. On such occasions, the Warden shall provide alternative accommodation.

              9.11 The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during his/her occupancy or at the time of vacating the room. If any FF&E  (Furniture  Fixture and Equipments) under the responsibility of the resident is found to be damaged or broken, the Hostel Management shall take strict disciplinary action including levying a monetary penalty equal to the market price of the item.

              9.12 In case of any damage or loss of Hostel property kept in the common area, the cost of repairing/replacing the same will be recovered from the boarders responsible for such damage or loss, if identified; otherwise, the same will be recovered from all the students of the wing/Hostel, as decided by the Warden / Hostel Management.

              9.13 The resident shall not move any furniture from its allotted place.

              9.14 The resident shall not remove any fitting or fixture from any room or common area.

              9.15 Residents should not participate in any anti-national, antisocial or any other undesirable activity within or outside the campus.

              9.16 The boarders will be responsible for the safe keeping of their own property. In the event of loss of any personal property of a resident due to theft, fire or any other cause, the Hostel Management shall in no way be considered responsible.

              9.17 In the Hostel premises the following acts are strictly prohibited: • Smoking • Consumption of alcoholic drinks • Consumption of drugs • Gambling • Intimidation or violence • Wilful damage to property • Entering the Hostel premises in an intoxicated state • Using abusive languages • Employing unauthorized persons for personal work such as washing clothes, repair of Hostel property, etc. • Cooking in the room or on the Hostel premises • Using two-wheelers and/or motor vehicles of any kind.


              Any boarder, who is found to be indulging in undesirable and offensive activities such as misbehaving, physical assault, damage to property, causing inconvenience to other inmates, noncompliance of any of the conduct rules or violation of any other rule stipulated in several clauses under various sections and subsections, shall be subjected to disciplinary action by the Warden / Hostel Management  as stipulated under the relevant clause after a proper enquiry. Moreover, depending upon the gravity of the offence if the Hostel Management so considers, the case may be forwarded to the Center Superintendent  and Director of the Institute .

                1. RIGHTS OF Warden Hostel MANAGEMENT

                The warden through Center superintendent of Institute reserves the right to initiate amendment of the rules and regulations stated hereinbefore from time to time as felt necessary. The inmates shall be informed of any amendment becoming effective through circulars displayed on the Hostel notice boards.


 In case of any dispute or any grievance not being satisfactorily taken care of, a boarder may make an appeal to the Director of the Institute through the Center Superintendent or Warden for redressal. The decision of the Director on the matter shall be considered as final and binding.

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    “Rules and Regulations for Hostel Residents” , we  do here by accept  all the noted terms and agreed to follow in proper manner.
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