Main features of Residential Program


Every chapter, concept or theory if we can revise at the earliest when we are taught will get registered in our mindfaster. That is why it is always important to plan your revision schedule at the earliest and when it is fresh. This is the first mantra for success to learn and imbibe anything for longer period in your brain. This revision system will be invigilated by our constant Faculty on regular terms.


Best solution comes when the problem is fresh And student has completed focus on it. That is why our program will focus on timely and prompt solution to every problem student faces during preparation of exam. On-the-spot solution will also make students more enthusiastic to learn and keeps students motivated to learn more.


Any kind of family or friendly environment makes us distract from our focus and destination. That is why we have made this program unique by creating first healthy and focus generating environment to keep disciplined and always aim for achieving success through hard-work and dedication. Also, as our religious shastras education has to be imparted away from homely environment to make it more disciplined, interesting and easier. You will be learning time management skills also with this which is very important for any future doctor and engineer. Otherwise mostly students waste 30 to 40% of their time in redundant and waste activities that makes a student distracted and unfocused towards his goal of becoming a professional doctor/ engineer. Keeping in view all these factors, we have specially designed this special studies program as in campus residential program for only selective and highly motivated and dedicated medical / engineering aspirants. As we will be providing 30 minutes to talk with family so that students may update their parents on their preparation progress but taking care that no useless or irrelevant things make them distracted from their studies. This aspect is unique and never taken care by any such coaching institute. However, parents may call anytime at WISS office and if required or urgent they may talk to their child anytime.


Mobiles, iPads and other electronic gadgets including usage of social media (facebook, Whatsapp, web series etc.) through these devices is becoming an addiction for students.These gadgets are big time burners and never allow students to focus and concentrate on studies. That is why our program has included this clause of prohibiting these communication devices. This will helpthe students to learn better and use their time in a best possible manner. Also, these gadgets psychologically drain the student’s energy and motivation, which is also a hindrance in preparation for NEET /JEE examination. However, whatever is required by the student for the purpose of preparation like internet, projectors and other advanced equipment will be available in our facility to make the education interesting and more fruitful.

5. NO INFORMAL INTERACTION BETWEEN BOY’S AND GIRL’S (Separate Batches for Boys & Girls):

Our program is based on human values and we respect our culture and need of a goodeducation system. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to keep the informal interaction between boys and girls to be prohibited, unless or until that is must for the study purpose or requirement. Main purpose is not to keep them separate but to keep them focused more on studies and to avoid wasting each other’s time and energy.
If a student follows, these 5 rules of success, “NEET 90- Special Studies Program” ensures the success of getting admission in a Government Medical College/ IIT/NIT for MBBS/B.Tech/B.E Course. This entire curriculum is designed not just for bookish knowledge but to enhance your personality in a physical, mental, spiritual and social manner to get a student ready for s becoming a great doctor great engineer to serve the society.