Why ? Self Studies Management (off classroom studies):

This is where our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) lies at “NEET 90 / JEE 90 – Wisdom Institute of Special studies”. Self-studies management has been left to the students by all the institutes as this is actually a personal responsibility of a student or their parents, however, at “NEET 90 / JEE 90 – Wisdom Institute of Special studies”, we have also decided to contribute in that part and help you design your self-studies schedule and make you different from other students. We have taken this responsibility and ensure that complete 100% areas are covered i.e. 30% teaching and 70% self-studies. Also, research shows that if you compare two students one who has already cleared NEET or JEE examination with high merit and other student who has not got selected and still preparing for the NEET /JEE entrance. You will find that most of the times, there IQ and intelligence is almost same and sometimes the one who has not got selected is better than the other student who is selected, however, what could be the reason that he has not got selected? This is an important observation and raises many questions which needs to be further focused upon and worked by coaching institutes, which we have already done at “NEET 90 / JEE 90 – Wisdom Institute of Special studies” program.

What is actually Self-Studies Management?

Now, let us focus and understand about what is actually self-studies management? How is this defined and what needs to be taken care to do that? This simply means how you prepare and plan your studies and preparations out of the class may be at home or in your leisure time with your friends or colleagues. How we decide what to study, when to study, how much to study and what should be our priorities while studying to prepare for NEET examination.
That is why this special studies program has been designed so that we can control both teaching (Classroom Studies) and self-studies (Off the classroom studies) aspects of your preparation. This study program is an on campus program where students are provided with boarding, lodging and mess facility and their complete routine will be closely monitored and scheduled by our expert faculties. Students will be made to completely concentrate on just study and preparation and no communication device like mobile phones, iPad or any other distracting gadget will not at all allowed in our facility, which will help you in designing your schedule for the best results.
You will be provided internet whenever required for studies purpose by management and also if you want to contact your family, every student will be given half an hour per day calling duration from our side. We will provide you all the best psychologically hygienic environment and all things will be taken care of in a best possible manner. Students will be having 20 minutes exercise session to gain healthy body, meditation to give you mental strength and enhance intelligence. Timely breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner will be served along with proper schedule of timely sleep and timely get-up will be taken care of by our expert team and faculty. Interaction among boys and girls will also be limited and restricted to only academic purpose only. So it has been scheduled separate batches for girls and boys. These things will create a healthy and focused approach by all the students in both class study and selfstudy.